Profitable trading with Maxitrade.сom, Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate instruments

Profitable trading with Maxitrade.сom, Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate instruments

src=”null” width=”260px” alt=”акции dar aI arkan”/>Saudi cement shares stayed strong, however. They have been rising in recent weeks, partly on hopes that the government will spend more heavily on major construction projects next year after three years of austerity. Riyadh is expected to release its 2018 state budget next week. Dar Al Arkan, which has predominantly focused on its home market in the past, in December launched a Dh800 million (US$218m) residential tower in the UAE, marking its first foray outside the kingdom.

Dar Al-Arkan has placed a 30% stake in its construction subsidiary on the Saudi Arabian Stock Exchange. Dar Al-Arkan plans to increase profits and dividends for its retail shareholders.

Argaam. In addition to its head office in Riyadh, Dar Al Arkan has offices and branches across KSA, including Mecca, Jeddah and Madinah. In total, Dar Al Arkan has seven branches and over 300 employees. The deal represents 0.92 percent of the company’s total shares of 1.08 billion.


Bloomberg. was completed and sold out by 2006.

The construction work of the project started in 2002 and finished by 2005. The total value of the project was 18,400,000 Saudi Riyals. The founding shareholders of Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate owned 70% of the company. Dar Al-Arkan’s shareholders currently hold 81% of the shares. Other shareholders of Dar Al-Arkan was the exception.

Dar Al-Arkan is engaged in the acquisition, design, and construction of buildings. On August 1, 2019, Dar Al-Arkan Real shares were traded at 11,48 riyals. To acquire Dar Al-Arkan Real shares, start trading with Maxitrade.сom. Choose Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate instruments. The project is located to the north of Riyadh city, near the Al-Rabie project.

In total, Dar Al-Arkan Real has seven large offices with more than 300 office workers. The number of employees involved in the construction of Dar Al-Arkan Real facilities is significant. The wealth of Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate at the end of 2016 grew to the size of 24.4 billion riyals, which corresponded to 6.5 billion US dollars. Dar Al-Arkan’s net worth was estimated at 18.1 billion riyals or 4.8 billion US dollars. DUBAI, Dec 11 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s stock market pulled back on Monday as a bubble in shares of real estate firm Dar Al Arkan burst, while equities in Qatar pulled further away from six-year lows.

Real Estate

  • Information about the Dar Alarkan Real Estate Development Share.
  • Shares in Dar Al Arkan have been a focus of the Saudi stock market in recent weeks, soaring to a close of SAR13.99 in heavy trade on Sunday from around SAR7.50 in mid-November, when international index compiler MSCI said it was adding the stock to its Saudi Arabia Index.
  • This amount corresponded to 37 million US dollars.

Real estate investment opportunities abound in Saudi Arabia, the region’s biggest economy and Opec’s top oil producer, especially in the the country’s hospitality sector despite softer economic conditions, the real estate agency Knight Frank said in December. The company, in November, reported a 86.3 per cent profit hike for the third quarter of 2017 to 209.6m Saudi riyals from 112.5m reported for the same quarter last year. The investor can buy directly from the local market after opening an investment account through a licensed brokerage company if he is a Saudi national, or holds a regular residence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or if he is a GCC nationality.

Dar Al-Arkan Real is not only involved in the construction of buildings. The company also designs buildings, carries out the reconstruction and modernization of dilapidated premises.

Emerging stocks under pressure from trade, Fed outlook

Information about the Dar Alarkan Real Estate Development Share. You can find more details by going to one of the sections listed on this page such as historical data, charts, technical analysis and others. However, the leadership of Dar Al-Arkan refused to reveal their plans.

It occupies an area of approximately 285,822 square meters. Its residential section comprises 259 housing units.

The total cost of the project was 127,700,000 Saudi Riyals. The project is located on the north east area of Riyadh city, near Ishbiliya project towards the north. It occupies an area of 409,775 square meters and consist of 389 residential units.

meters. The total value of the project is 229,300,000 Saudi Riyals. So, one of the invited masters of architecture was the famous Italian designer Roberto Cavalli. An Italian artist has developed an architectural project for Dar Al-Arkan Real outside the Kingdom.

The project occupies an area estimated at 62,930 square meters and consists of 80 residential units, and villas (Duplexes). The development has six designs.

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