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Have you ever found yourself talking to a friend about your fertility struggle, when a blank, horrified look begins to crawl across her face? She’s probably blissfully ignorant about all a person can go through to conceive. Except for those of us who’ve been forced to learn firsthand about things like stimming, egg retrieval, male factor infertility, and reproductive endocrinology, these terms may as well be Greek to most people. For a “fertile”, the concept of getting pregnant is usually something to the effect of get frisky;sperm meets egg; buy home pregnancy test; have baby.

While beers and shots at the local watering hole may impress the twenty-something chicks from college, a cougar will likely expect a bit more refinement in entertainment, alcohol and conversation. Learn about music from the decade or so before you were born. Read some classic literature. Study the names of a few decent wines and learn which foods they compliment. An older lady won’t necessarily expect you to be a scholar, but she is sure to be turned off if you are no more articulate than her son!

The way I measure the effectiveness of my headlines is by how many adult females make contact with me on a each day basis. Along with that, I measure how lots of of these women that I go on to have good friendships with. Naturally I can’t date all of these females, but we can stay fantastic close friends.

Cougar Online Dating

Sometimes the best men are Cougar Online Dating the ones that can communicate with women by simply talking about things that older women might be more likely to know about. This is often made to give younger men a little better about themselves.

Medically speaking, women live ten to fifteen years longer than men (although this does differ from country to country). I put it to you that a woman prefers a younger man because she hopes they will pass away at roughly the same time (a depressing prospect to consider, I know). The very thought of spending all of our lives with the man we love is a strong one. Spending a decade alone, however, is depressing and frightening to say the least. And it is this argument, I think, that is the strongest to support my claim, but I think I can convince you further.

A simple Google search will help to further support my claim. And you can try it with me, if you like. Are there more dating websites for seeking younger men or more for older men seeking younger women? The former far outweigh the latter, from what I can see.

You see, they don’t need you to be Mr. super successful, because these women are probably very far in their career, they need something more than money; they need excitement and a nice youthful energy in their life.

All in all, these are some of the best online dating headlines that I have ever used. If you want to start improving the response from your dating profiles, give these headline a try.