The Library of Congress Needs Your Help Transcribing Suffragist Papers

The Library of Congress Needs Your Help Transcribing Suffragist Papers

Almost 16,000 pages of diaries, letters, speeches as well as other papers can be found in the library’s crowdsourcing platform

In 1922, the United states suffrage frontrunner Carrie Chapman Catt traveled to Italy to aid get ready for the Congress that is upcoming of Global girl Suffrage Alliance in Rome. Home, Catt had been a towering figure regarding the women’s legal rights motion; she had succeeded Susan B. Anthony as president for the nationwide American lady Suffrage Association, and played a role that is pivotal securing the use of this 19th Amendment, which granted American women the proper to vote. Catt ended up being a competent and effective organizer—and she had not been completely impressed aided by the means things had been shape that is taking Rome.

“A more unpromising location for a Congress we never ever saw,” she recorded in her own diaries, explaining the place where in fact the occasion ended up being due to occur. “The Italian females could maybe perhaps maybe not understand our disapproval.”

If Italy’s suffrage campaigners didn’t measure to Catt’s objectives, at the least the country’s scenic splendors didn’t disappoint. The Bay of Naples filled her with “such an excitement of enjoyment.” The mountains and vineyards that surrounded the Mediterranean that is blue were, amazing.” In Pompeii, Catt noted with interest, there have been “houses of prostitution with a phallus as their indication.”

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