Determine if you’re entitled to obtain an annulment

Determine if you’re entitled to obtain an annulment

To obtain an annulment, you’ll want to show that your particular wedding is either void or voidable, and therefore this is actually the explanation you are requesting an annulment. You cannot obtain an annulment simply because your wedding was extremely brief. If the wedding does not fulfill one of many requirements listed as void or voidable below, you need to obtain a divorce or separation alternatively.

If perhaps you weren’t lawfully permitted to marry when you look at the place that is first the state won’t approve such a married relationship, it really is called a void wedding. If perhaps you weren’t legitimately allowed to marry as a result of a certain issue, however the state will help you to elect to remain married, you have got a voidable wedding.

Vo >Your wedding is void if:

  • Certainly one of you had been hitched to some other person together with other did not understand. This is called bigamy on the annulment complaint form. Nevertheless, then they must request a divorce, not an annulment if the person asking for the annulment knew their spouse was already married before they married them.
  • You’ve got married a detailed general or a detailed general by marriage. This is named “Incest, Consanguinity, and Affinity. from the annulment form” In Massachusetts, you can’t marry your grand-parents, action grand-parents, moms and dads, action moms and dads, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, young ones, grandchildren, or your spouse’s parents, grand-parents, kiddies, or grandchildren. Nevertheless, a guy can marry their son’s spouse, and a lady can marry her husband’s daddy.

Vo >Your wedding is voidable if:

  • One of many partners did not have the psychological ability to consent into the wedding during the time. Read more