Fortnite Fishing Guide: how to locate a fly rod and get Floppers and Slurpfish

Fortnite Fishing Guide: how to locate a fly rod and get Floppers and Slurpfish

It’s simple to partake into the pursuit that is noble of as you enjoy a game title of Fortnite! All over the map are new fishing spots and you’ll discover a fishing rod and catch products like tools, Floppers and Slurpfish.

Getting these things is not simply fun, Slurpfish in specific are effective recovery products, so that it’s well well worth once you understand locations to look.

Finding a fly fishing rod in Fortnite

To get a fly rod, you’re best off looking in three places.

The foremost is apparent: flooring spawns. They appear to be somewhat unusual, you could simply find fishing rods arbitrarily round the map while you would some other loot. But, it is perhaps perhaps not the essential dependable solution to monitor one down.

You could find fishing rods in chests. Although once again, it is maybe perhaps maybe not guaranteed in full – especially since chests aren’t a 100% spawn by themselves.

But finally, in a few areas regarding the map you will find barrels saturated in fishing poles for your needs and also you duo, trio, or squad to seize.

These have a tendency to spawn in watery areas, or on sandy beaches all around the brand new map. Take to trying to find them during the Lake Canoe landmark, or the coastline when you look at the southeast for the area, or called places like Lazy Lake, the human body of water into the north of Misty Meadows, or even the southern section of Dirty Docks. Read more